While attending a marriage seminar on communication, Tom and his wife Peg listened to the instructor declare, "It is essential that husbands and wives know the things that are important to each other." He asked Tom, "Can you describe your wife's favorite flower?" Tom leaned over, touched his wife's arm gently and whispered, "Pillsbury All-Purpose, isn't it?" The rest of the story is not pleasant. —Author unknown


More gardens starting this year

The nosedive in our economy, coupled with a desire for fresher, safer, better-tasting, locally grown food, is doing for vegetables what mom could never do:

We will grow A LOT more fruits, berries, veggies and herbs in 2009.

More people are growing veggies in containers

More people are growing veggies in containers

I just finished listening to a webinar on food gardening trends sponsored by Garden Writers Association, Plant a Row For the Hungry and Scotts Miracle-Gro.

The news is good.

According to the National Gardening Association, in 2008, 31 percent of all households (36 million to be sort of exact), grew a food garden. In 2009, 37 percent (43 million) plan one. For those of you not handy with a calculator, that’s a 19 percent increase.

Are you one of those newbies? Do you need help growing fruits and berries, herbs, veggies in containers or the ground? Add a comment below and we’ll tackle it together.

One last statistic. This made me cry: 36.2 million Americans (this includes 12 million kids) live in “food-insecure” households.

If you grow extra food this summer, please:  Share it with your local food bank. For more information:


Planting Queen tip: Food gardens, whether in the ground or in a container, need full sun (at least 8 hours a day) and good soil.

2 comments to More gardens starting this year

  • dgraham

    Hi Deb,

    I’d been thinking the same thing – that more people would be planning gardens this spring. Kind of the 2009 version of the old Victory Gardens.

    For those of us with small yards, tips for squeezing in veggies and herbs would be great. For example, I’m thinking of adding a border of leaf lettuce to my little flower bed.

    Love the blog!

  • Hi Diane! Thanks for reading my blog. Just posted a new one about container edibles. Enjoy!

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